Event Details

Savannah, MO
August 24, 2017
2017 Triathlon for Hunger
Race DetailsDate
August 24th, 2017Time
Race begins at 8:15am.  Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before time for registration and race instructions.Entry Fee (entry fee includes a free t-shirt)
$35 per individual
$55 per team (teams may consist of 2-3 participants)Description of Race Route
First wave of racers will start at the Gleason pool at the same time.  Each racer will need to get in the pool (no diving) as some will start in the shallow end.  You will swim 10 laps or 20 lengths of the pool freestyle.  The outer lanes of the pool will have only one swimmer since it narrows considerably at the deep end.  The inner 4 lanes will have 2 swimmers each.  You will stay on the same side of your lane throughout your swim. A lap counter will count the number of laps for you.  If you are waiting to enter the pool in the second heat, wait until the swimmer has exited the lane.  (Your time will start when you begin the swim).  When you are finished, please walk carefully to the locker room, change if needed, then proceed on to the bike area (water will be available).

The bike race will proceed out of the pool parking lot, turning left onto Canton Street, Right onto 3rd Street past the fairgrounds on left and up to highway 26.  Carefully cross the traffic onto highway 26 proceeding east toward Prairie City.  The turnaround for the bike area at 6.2 miles will be just before the Holliday ranch.  You will see a well-marked turn around.  Please carefully cross highway 26 heading back into John Day (a refreshment station will be available after you turn around).  Turn right onto 3rd street before entering John Day and follow it past the fairgrounds on your right.  Turn left onto Canton Street and enter into the pool parking lot.  Swap shoes or clothing if needed to prepare for the run.
Begin the run out of the parking lot past Kam Wah Chung museum, turn left onto Canton Street, proceed right onto 3rd street, take the next left onto Bridge Street, take a right at the T intersection and head toward 7th street complex.  You will need to run 2 laps around 7th street complex (make sure you follow the outer loop) before returning to the finish line.  The finish line will be off Canton heading into the pool area via the Kam Wah Chung complex.  When you cross the finish line tear off you bib and post it onto the cork board.  Feel free to stay and cheer on the other racers as well as get some refreshments.  You will receive your time for the whole event by e-mail if you do not get it at the event.

A map will also be provided on race day if needed.

Please plan on bringing a swimming suit or appropriate swimming attire.  Your arm will need to be exposed so we can write your race number on it.  You will need to wear a shirt or have shorts that you can pin a race bib onto to wear for the biking and running events.  HELMETS ARE REQUIRED.  IPods or other audio devices are not recommended due to safety concerns.  The locker rooms will be available for transition areas should you want to change clothing gear.  If you would like to bring a 5 gallon bucket with a piece of duct tape on it, we can write your race number on it.   This bucket would allow you to keep all your gear in one place in the locker rooms.  Alternatively you can bring your bucket with you from the locker room and leave it next to the bike area so when you get off your bike you can switch shoes if desired.

Volunteers are always needed before, during, and after the race.  We would greatly appreciate your help. Please contact us if you are interested at .

General Information

 No fins, snorkels, flotation or floating devices allowed.

 Any swim stroke, or combination of strokes are allowed.  Stopping, standing, or walking is also allowed.

 A protective hard shell bicycle helmet is required and chinstraps must be fastened at all times while the rider is on the bike.