What do I get with my registration fee?
Paint The Town Pink Flash Run features a light and musical show. In addition to the light & musical show, participants will receive a high quality cotton-poly event shirt in either a men’s or women’s cut (that’s right ladies, no baggy boy shirts for you!), LED bracelet, & glow necklace.

How much of the course has lights and music?
There will be five themed light and music sections each with a different mood. Some will be very up beat others will be more etherial. In between these worlds will be areas of relative silence and no lighting elements. These “dark” areas will give the senses and chance to reset before entering the next area of light and music. There will be enough light in these “dark” areas to make it safe to run..

Is this a timed event?
Nope. This is not a “race” this is an experience. Enjoy yourself and take in the sites and sounds of the course. If you like one lighting zone or a song that is playing feel free to hang out and dance for a bit. Just kick back and enjoy the run!

Are there gated or wave starts?

Yes. We will ask for the serious runners to start FIRST in the starting gate, followed by the joggers/run-walkers, and then we’ll ask for any large teams, walkers, families, children and strollers to move to the back of the starting gate. Depending on number of participants we may invoke wave starts as well.

How do you feel about walkers?
Walkers are very welcome! You do not have to be a great runner for this event. This is a simple run/walk. You can choose to run/walk or walk the entire thing if you’d like. Most people will slow down at the glow zones anyways, so you have plenty of time to dance and catch your breath. There’s also a water stop along the way. People of all ages and condition can easily complete this course- and can have a BLAST while doing it!

Should I bring my own LED and Glow stuff or do you provide it?
Come let your light shine and your creative juices flow. Add your own creative spark by dressing up in other-worldy costumes that glow, shine, blink, and dazzle. Show us all what you’ve got! Vendors on site selling glow/bling merchandise for your convenience as well.

Does this race benefit a charity?
YES! West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition, a 501©3 non profit

Breast Cancer Tidbit

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in the United States and the leading cause of death in women between the ages of 40 and 55. The need for education and early detection is unquestionable. Currently, one million women in the United States have the disease and don’t know it. All of us – wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and the men in our lives – face the possibility of having to deal with this deadly disease, in some way, at some time, in our lifetime.

Are there refunds?
Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds. No exceptions. The logistics of setting up and planning the event make it impossible. Just make sure you are good to go before signing up. If for some reason you can’t make it to race day, at least come to the check in, you can still come to the check in to pick up your Paint The Town Pink Flash Run gear.

If I can’t make it to packet pickup can someone else pick up my packet for me?
Yep! You just have to print and fill out the waiver giving them permission.

Can kids participate?

Yes! This is an all ages event. In fact, kids under 3 run/walk for free and don’t need to register! They will not receive the t-shirt and gifts paying participants receive. Keep in mind there will be a course time limit of 1.5 hours and that families/children will be asked to start at the back of the pack to allow the serious runners to go first. This is a great opportunity for families of all ages to participate!

Can I push a stroller?
Yes! Actually… you know what you should do? Put some rad lights on the wheels and handle bars and make that thing look amazing!! Your kids will love the show!

Can dogs participate?
Sorry no dogs allowed. Our insurance won’t allow anything with more than two legs or a tail on the course. Enter your dog in the pink pooch contest!

How do the teams work?
Very simple, register in a group of 4 people or more and save $5 per person. This is a non-timed event but we will be giving prizes for teams with the most creative team costumes.

Can I take pictures?

Only if you PROMISE to post the results on our facebook page and share them with the world! Realize that you may want to turn off the flash and play with the settings as its a little m ore difficult to get good shots under blacklights and certain LED lighting.

Is this a rave?

Absolutely not. This is the COOLEST Running Event you’ve ever experienced.

What kind of music is going to be playing?

We bring in the top DJ’s to pump all the jams you love, from the 80’s to today’s top hits. Anything you can sing and dance to is what we’re after.