The Triathlon for Hunger started in 2009 with the goal of bringing together people for a fun event but also for a good cause. Many sports events have an entrance fee but the money goes entirely to support the event. We thought it would be fun to have a sports event which would actually raise money for a good cause. Not only are people getting their own bodies healthy but in participating they are helping other people stay healthy through running and donating time and money. 

We as organizers, feel strongly that the money should go towards a local hunger project since hunger is a problem in our small community as well. Half of them money we raise will go towards local food banks. However, we understand that our neighbors around the world face hunger on a day to day basis. Since one of the organizers has traveled extensively in Africa it seemed a natural connection to route some of the funds towards programs there.

In 2009 a sustainable farming project in Kenya was funded and in 2010 a family preservation program in Southern Ethiopia was funded. In 2011 Malawi Children’s Village, a community based AIDS orphan program was supported. We will alternate each of these organizations yearly. We appreciate your interest in making a small difference in ending hunger worldwide. Check out all of the links below.

Holt International Ethiopia
The Advance Bio-Intensive Agricultural Training Center
Malawi Childrens Village